Your lawyer has developed a specific expertise regarding regulations applying to certain export operations: Spy Avocat may advise you on the application of EU and French regulations on dual use items, military items and international sanctions.

Regulations on dual use items cover any items that may be utilised both for civil and military use: such regulations may cover equipment or technologies used for nuclear installations as well as items commonly used by industry or IT products or solutions.

Regulations on military items cover items specifically designed to be used by armed forces.

Finally, international sanctions implement international foreign policy: such sanctions have impacted, for example, trade with Iran and, more recently, with Russia.

A better understanding of such rules makes it possible to delimit the operational implications of their implementation. Your lawyer will advise you regarding notifications or authorizations to the relevant authorities or the management of the risk identified.

Finally, your lawyer can also train your employees on obligations and restrictions issued from export control regulations.