Spy Avocat assists you regarding any issue related to your rights and obligations arising from European Law.

Such rights may arise in particular from the freedom of movement or the ban on discrimination: your lawyer can assist you, for example, in challenging national measures violating such freedoms or principles.

Your lawyer can determine the obligations or constraints resulting from technical regulations and enforcement or implementing measures, in order to anticipate their impact on your activity. Such technical regulations deriving from European directives or regulations may concern your products (life sciences products, plant protection products, food products, CE marking, etc.), your advertising campaigns (health claims), waste (recycling) or your tax situation.

In addition to State aid rules, your lawyer advises you on European funding measures, in particular regarding eligibility criteria, and assists you if you are audited by the managing national authorities (e.g. “FranceAgriMer”), by European Authorities (OLAF, Commission) or by the Court of Auditors (“Cour des comptes”).

Your lawyer may also represent you in any action before the European Commission (informal contacts, complaints), or in any litigation before the General Court or the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Finally, your lawyer may assist you in matters concerning the recognition and enforcement of other Member State court decisions.