Spy Avocat will assist you in negotiations, assessing your contractual needs, elaborating the required contractual scheme and drafting your contracts to meet our specific needs, in a national or international context.

Your lawyer can advise you on setting up a distribution scheme (exclusive or selective distribution, franchise agreements, commercial agency, commissioning, logistics), in particular on the basis of applicable economic regulations and of the specificities of the network. Your lawyer can also assist you in determining your obligations (arising, for example, from the Sapin Law for the sale of advertising space).

More generally, your lawyer can draft or review your terms and conditions, supply and purchase agreements or master agreements, whatever your sector of activity (food sector, IT, industry…)

Your lawyer can also assist you in negotiating and drafting service contracts (maintenance, transport, etc.).

Your lawyer can represent you in any litigation related to the implementation of your contracts or non-performance thereunder.